1. Innovation in Early Learning / Child Development
  2. Best innovative after school model
  3. Early Child Playschool Chain
  4. Pre-school of the year
  5. Early Child Education Publisher of the Year
  6. Best Infrastructure in early education
  7. Emerging Play School of the Year
  1. Best Higher Education Institute/University of the Year
  2. Best Private University of the Year
  3. Best Innovative University of the Year
  4. Best University Campus of the Year
  5. Best Upcoming University/Institute of the Year
  6. Best Engineering College/ Institute/ University of the Year
  7. Best Medical College/ Institute/ University of the Year
  8. Best Management College/Institute/ University of the Year
  9. Best Upcoming Engineering College/Institute/ University of the Year
  10. Best Upcoming Medical College/Institute/ University of the Year
  11. Best Upcoming Management College/Institute/ University of the Year
  12. Best Institution for Industry - Academia Interface
  13. Best Institute/University in Distance & Online Learning
  14. Best Institute/University Promoting Research
  15. Best Institute/University Serving Social Cause CSR
  16. Best University/Institute in Rural Area
  17. Best B-School in India
  18. Most Upcoming B-School
  19. Best B School for Industry Academia Interface
  20. Best School for Special Children
  1. Best Vocational Training Institute
  2. Best Clinical Research Institute
  3. Best Teacher's Training Institute
  4. Best Retail Management Institute
  5. Best Banking Institute
  6. Best Aviation Training Institute
  7. Best Hotel Management Institution
  8. Best Interior Designing Academy
  9. Best Fashion Academy
  10. Best Beauty Training Academy
  11. Best Hair Academy
  12. Best Hair & Beauty Chemicals Academy
  13. Best Animation & Multimedia Training Academy
  14. Excellence in Foreign Trade Education
  15. Best IT Training Institute (Hardware & Networking)
  16. Best IT Training Institute (Software & Web Designing)
  17. Best Jewellery Designing Institute
  18. Best Textile Designing Institute
  19. Best Biotechnology Institute
  20. Best Journalism & Mass Communication Institute
  21. Best Institute for Financial Education
  22. Best Security Training Institute
  23. Best Language Training Institute
  24. Best Online Education Platform/Program
  1. Best Coaching Institute of the Year
  2. Best Engineering Entrance Coaching
  3. Best Medical Entrance Coaching
  4. Best Post Graduate Medical Entrance Coaching
  5. Best Civil Services Coaching
  6. Best Bank/PO Entrance Coaching
  7. Best Coaching Classes for Competitive Exams Entrance
  8. Best Management Entrance Coaching
  9. Best Personality Development/Grooming Classes
  10. Best Training Program for Corporates
  11. Best Yoga Coaching Centre
  12. Best Online Tutoring
  13. Best Online Tutoring
  1. Lifetime Achievement Award
  2. Educational Entrepreneur of the Year
  3. Education Consultants
  4. Overseas Education Consultants
  5. Special Educator Award
  6. Female Educationist of the Year
  7. Male Educationist of the Year
  8. Researcher of the Year
  9. Young Achiever of the Year
  10. Education Portal
  11. CSR impact in Education
  1. Best School of the Year – Primary Education
  2. Best School of the Year – Secondary Education
  3. Best Upcoming School of the Year - Primary Education
  4. Best Upcoming School of the Year - Secondary Education
  5. Best School Promoting Research
  6. Best School promoting Social Cause CSR
  7. Best School in Rural Area
  8. Best School for Special Children
  9. Innovation in Global Collaborative Learning
  10. Innovation in Pedagogical Practices
  11. Green School Initiative
  12. Innovation in Language(S) Education
  13. Excellence in international Curriculum practices
  14. Use of Information and Communications Technology ( ICT ) in School Management
  15. Start Up School
  16. Innovative Practices for Academic Excellence
  17. Innovation in Campus Infrastructure
  18. Teaching Excellence in Sports
  19. Excellent School in Sports Infrastructure
  20. Innovation in Special Needs Education
  1. Best Adaptive Technology Company
  2. Best Administrative Solution Providing Software
  3. Best App for Learning - Primary Education
  4. Best App for Learning - Secondary Education
  5. Best App for Learning - Vocational Education
  6. Best Higher Education Solutions Provider
  7. Best Technology for Learning - Mathematics
  8. Best Technology for Learning - Science
  9. Best Technology for University Education
  10. Best Creative Solution Provider
  11. Best Grading Technology
  12. Best Teaching Technology
  13. Best Online and Live Learning Technology
  14. Best Skill Technology Education
  15. Best Artificial Intelligence Software
  16. Best Career Planning technology
  17. Best Classroom Management Provider
  18. Best Coding Teaching provider
  19. Best Collaborative Solution Provider
  20. Best College/University Preparation Provider
  21. Best Communication Provider
  22. Best Content Provider
  23. Best Corporate Training Solution Provider
  24. Best Curriculum Provider
  25. Best Simulations Provider
  26. Best E-Learning Software Provider
  27. Best Emerging Teaching Software Provider
  28. Best E-Games Learning
  29. Best Hiring Solutions Provider
  30. Best Language Teaching Software
  31. Best Learning Management systems
  32. Best Innovative Service Provider
  33. Best Parents and Students Learning Software
  34. Best Research Software
  35. Best Robotics Solution Provider
  36. Best Special Needs Technology Solution


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