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2021 Estrade Education Awards - Digital Edition 2021, ONLINE

Award Ceremony

Date: July 30th, 2021

Venue: Digital Edition 2021, ONLINE

Estrade Education Awards

Welcome to the 2nd Digital Edition of the Singapore’s Estrade Education Awards 2021. This year the awards will be held only Digitally due to COVID19.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s industry leaders! With this in mind, Estrade Education Awards – Singapore are aimed at recognizing those companies, corporate entities, educational establishments, and individuals, who are at the forefront of arming the next generation of Indian professionals through ground breaking learning methodologies in education and skill development.

Estrade Education Awards are a proof of your credibility and value creation, in your sphere of influence. The Awards are a recognition of your business ethic, your business model and most importantly the quality of students produced from your institution. The fact that this is at an international forum at Singapore, is a great opportunity for you and opens new doors and avenues to better possibilities. Through Estrade Education Awards, we strive to discuss and deliberate towards making a holistic educational and skill development system, that is constantly evolving with the ever changing business landscape and is in sync with demands of all stakeholders to rise up to the ch ...READ MORE


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