Estrade Technology Awards

Welcome to the Inaugural 2020 Estrade Technology Awards-19th August Mumbai

We are calling for nominations from Workforce Management Tech |New Tech Product | Marketing Analytics Platform |AI Tech | Mobile Tech |OTT | Technology Start-Up Etc. Please add the link which will take them to a nomination for the Technology Awards

India is the fastest-growing economy in the world (yes hiccups are there due to COVID19 and other roadblocks), however, we are still at the cusp of greatness but will have to really push the throttle to new levels in the times to come. 

India’s Technology development has gained tremendously which has put India on the correct path of planned development on the world’s radar.

Keeping in focus, our goal to bring out the best performers from the technology industry in the limelight, the 2020 Estrade Technology Awards aims to the this on year-on-year basis.

The Awards cover all the stakeholders of the industryand professionals with a proven excellence in Innovation, Business Acumen and Technological leadership.

Estrade Awards provide a unique platform in the media space to the awardees with a great networking opportunity. While considering a nominee for the award, all verticals are within the purview of The Estrade Awards panel of judges - from customer service, marketing of all products & services, technological innovation to Operations.

Estrade recognizes excellence by entities of all sizes, within their respective industry/sector of operation. The award panel reviews the performance of all players, including the contributions of smaller lesser known entities, instead of merely focusing on bigger and popular players. 

Estrade Awards panel of judges are open to new ideas and will consider any new business enterprise, irrespective of size, individuals at the pinnacle of excellence, or an award category that you feel must be recognized and brought into the limelight. Awarding the very best is the primary focus of Estrade. 

Looking forward to seeing all of you in person in Mumbai.

From the Editor’s Desk

About Estrade

Estrade Media Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based, digital media editorial brand, operational in Singapore, Mumbai, Toronto. We currently have two editorial brands Estrade and Onside. Launched in 2014, Estrade provides corporate news in the digital space, and helps to create a platform of diverse opportunities to Businesses and Corporate players striving to carve a niche out for themselves. The world of business is always in a flux, more so in the emerging economies of Asia, some of which such as India are among the fastest growing in the world. Estrade recognizes the efforts and innovation of companies operating in such up and coming economies, that are striving hard to make it in the forever evolving corporate sector.

Our endeavor is to provide a platform to a diversity of businesses in a wide spectrum of industries, such as, Real Estate, Building Materials, Education, Skill Development, Media, Automobiles, Finance, Technology, Lifestyle, Tourism and CSR, just to name a few. The company has been involved in the media and entertainment space since inception.

Estrade as a media house is dedicated to recognize the efforts of individuals and teams working behind the scenes to make their corporate entities reach the pinnacle of success. It is our endeavor that these teams’ success stories are shared in the public domain as case studies for the benefit of all. With this in focus, Estrade Media Pte. Ltd. successfully hosts national and international level events in the Real Estate, Building Material Utilities, Education and Skill Development industries.

Our mission is to reward business eminence, innovation and wisdom in all industries. To create a strong network of enterprising individuals and corporate entities that stands out in their respective areas of influence. And in the process, be always vigilant to harness untapped opportunities in the market.


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